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So, I stumbled across this very interesting website the other day. It’s one in which the owner claims that he is in possession of a “lost” Beatles album, one that the Beatles made… after their break-up. This mystery person claims that he, uh, traveled to another universe completely after bumping his head, and in this alternate reality, the Beatles never broke up. He has a whole nice story about how he got to walk around in the other universe for a while on his website, along with the ALBUM ITSELF, for free, and some FAQ’s. Now, as soon as I heard about the possibility of The Beatles having another album that we all haven’t heard because it doesn’t exist in our reality, I nearly shat myself with happiness! I cruse over to his website at (http://www.thebeatlesneverbrokeup.com/), and proceed to listen to the “album”.
Now, what the album appears to be, from our universal perspective, is a really good mash-up of Beatles solo work and older B-Sides. However, the album is almost TOO well put together. The FAQ tackles the similarities question with a pretty good answer, I thought:

3. Thanks for posting the download and sharing your story about this pretty cool collection of songs. After listening to all of it, however, it sounds like a collection of previous Beatles and post break up albums from this dimension mixed into new songs.
I didn’t recognize Sick to Death, but everything else just seemed like a mix from other songs that could be made using modern mixing equipment.  Has anyone else given you the same feedback?  – Steven

A: I have heard that feedback actually, and infact I had a feeling some of the songs had a familiar sound to them as well. The only conclusion I can come up with is even though in the alternate universe The Beatles hadn’t broken up, that didn’t mean their future music ideas disapeared. I wish I grabbed this other tape that had a song very similiar to “Imagine” on it that Jonas played, only it sounded like it had a big band behind it with horns and huge orchestral sections, though the lyrics were practically identical to the original “Imagine”. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the alternate dimension when The Beatles were songwriting they brought melodies and lyrics they had in their head to the songwriting table and hashed them out with the rest of the group, where as in our dimension they didn’t have the other band members influences.

Dang! That’s good enough for me. I personally really like the album, and is exactly what I’d expect the Beatles to sound like if they kept going into the later 70s/ 80s.
You can download the album off the original website and see for yourself. New Beatles album from an alternate universe? Dangermouse getting extremely bored?
Either way, I figure we should scrap NASA and look into all this Alternate Universe mumbo jumbo. God… what if the Beattles just didn’t break up in another universe? Exciting!

Get the album or listen to it here


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Hey all out there on this crazy united World web system. I hope you are enjoying your monday-anti-funday, and I hope the series of tubes has been keeping you entertained.
The past two weeks have been a mad crazy blur of excitement, meeting pretty people, dancing, singing and respectively, losing my voice. The weekend before this one, three of my closest friends from Portland, OR came down from their various colleges to come check out what all the jazz is about down here in Arcata. Man, as soon as they stepped out of their car, tired and a bit cranky from their epic drive of over 8 hours, we snapped back to our old ways and habits and inside jokes. We tore the town up, bringing smiles, merriment and mischief to where ever we went. The first night, we followed our instincts and came to a GIANT house party full of costumed people, a bonfire, beer pong, and rambunctiousness. The cops came a couple times, just because they were jealous I think, but it all was good. The next day was a journey from the top of the back of the Redwood forest to the edge of the great bay that Arcata sits on. We got there just in time to watch the sunset bleed a warm ruby on the clouds then sink away to nothing. Ah, good times, good friends, and good events set into motion.
Then, a week passed by and various school work was done and not done, and it was time for the arrival of more classic friends. This time coming from farther south, Greg Lanton (know that name, you will see it making headlines later on) brought his lovely friend-o Agnieszka (who I so often butchered the name of) from the U.C of Davis. They brought quite different energies when compared to the week before, but they were good ones, and they were especially good ones being as how they were drenched in Halloween spirits. Drum circles, Didgeridoo, Shots, Midget King of The Hill, stories exchanged of days gone by. And that was just the tame day one. The next day, WAS Halloween. Me, being the excellent planner that I am, put off getting a costume till the day of. I suggested being a toilet paper mummy, wearing a speedo, being a fixed gear fool, or something else easy and hastily put together. However, Greg and Agnie took one look at me and knew: cross-dresser. Man, you don’t want to see what happened, but let me tell you-it was DAMN SEXY. Like, ooh lala, girls were mad jealous of my lady lumps (and man lumps, I guess). Greg was my German Pimp-overlord and I was fifty dollars, no more, no less. Ah, good times.

There was a house party we kind of just found and invaded, then there was the Plaza. The square plaza, the centerpiece of Arcata, was already completely overcrowded by people when we got there around eleven. Completely. Some kind members of our school band played some drums, and the crowd was ignited in a tribal rocking and rolling, limbs flailing like a bunch of drunken hippies at a drum circle (oh wait, that’s what we were). People climbed the statue of McKinley and just sat on the top with their MD 5050’s, cheering into the wild, pulsating crowd underneath their feet. The square was totally taken over and illegalities were everywhere. You didn’t even have to take anything yourself, there was enough smoke going around and booze being spilled to give anyone a contact buzz. There were great costumes, creative costumes, and some just really funny ass people (Yes, the ass-people made another live appearance, damn them!). Greg, Agnieszka, Fran and I found a favorite alley that we frequented, because sometimes we were just too super fly  for the square. We met super-sperm there and founded our very bathroom (haha). Around three, the cops started to kick fools out after someone fell off the statue, and we all stumble-retired to warm waiting beds to try our hand at sleeping… or non-sleeping.
The nights went too quickly and the days seem like a blur. That’s the mark of a great success, I think.All in all, everything turned out very well in these confusing weeks, and everything that needed to happen, did. People were released from their mental prisons, I served as the sexiest tour guide available, and so many good people were able to come together. Ah, Halloween, the festival of freaks.I hope to see more of these people and I hope they took a little Arcata and Zack Cada with them. Well, time to go try and put everything else together again. Phew. Jedi Braid Ahoy!

Here’s today’s killer playlist. Listen to it and just enjoy, or go ride your bike. Whatever- it’s your show

Devendra Banhart- Pensando Enti
Panda Bear- Take Pills
Neon Indian- Deadbeat Summer
Cool Kids + Hey Champ(We are) Champions
Florence & The Machine- You Got The Love (The XX Remix)
Dr. Dog- The Old Days
The Cool Kids- What Up Man
DiscoveryI Want To Be Your Boyfriend
Bonobo- Days To Come
Deadmau5- You Need A Ladder




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