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So, I stumbled across this very interesting website the other day. It’s one in which the owner claims that he is in possession of a “lost” Beatles album, one that the Beatles made… after their break-up. This mystery person claims that he, uh, traveled to another universe completely after bumping his head, and in this alternate reality, the Beatles never broke up. He has a whole nice story about how he got to walk around in the other universe for a while on his website, along with the ALBUM ITSELF, for free, and some FAQ’s. Now, as soon as I heard about the possibility of The Beatles having another album that we all haven’t heard because it doesn’t exist in our reality, I nearly shat myself with happiness! I cruse over to his website at (http://www.thebeatlesneverbrokeup.com/), and proceed to listen to the “album”.
Now, what the album appears to be, from our universal perspective, is a really good mash-up of Beatles solo work and older B-Sides. However, the album is almost TOO well put together. The FAQ tackles the similarities question with a pretty good answer, I thought:

3. Thanks for posting the download and sharing your story about this pretty cool collection of songs. After listening to all of it, however, it sounds like a collection of previous Beatles and post break up albums from this dimension mixed into new songs.
I didn’t recognize Sick to Death, but everything else just seemed like a mix from other songs that could be made using modern mixing equipment.  Has anyone else given you the same feedback?  – Steven

A: I have heard that feedback actually, and infact I had a feeling some of the songs had a familiar sound to them as well. The only conclusion I can come up with is even though in the alternate universe The Beatles hadn’t broken up, that didn’t mean their future music ideas disapeared. I wish I grabbed this other tape that had a song very similiar to “Imagine” on it that Jonas played, only it sounded like it had a big band behind it with horns and huge orchestral sections, though the lyrics were practically identical to the original “Imagine”. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the alternate dimension when The Beatles were songwriting they brought melodies and lyrics they had in their head to the songwriting table and hashed them out with the rest of the group, where as in our dimension they didn’t have the other band members influences.

Dang! That’s good enough for me. I personally really like the album, and is exactly what I’d expect the Beatles to sound like if they kept going into the later 70s/ 80s.
You can download the album off the original website and see for yourself. New Beatles album from an alternate universe? Dangermouse getting extremely bored?
Either way, I figure we should scrap NASA and look into all this Alternate Universe mumbo jumbo. God… what if the Beattles just didn’t break up in another universe? Exciting!

Get the album or listen to it here


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Me included, of course. I’m as strange as it gets. But in particular, what I’m talking about is what goes into making up a human. We’re different from those around us based on our actions and choices (and our physical mumbo-jumbo), but I wonder what causes us to make those decisions. What makes us decide to go right at a fork in the road, what makes us say those awkward things to those we interact with, and what makes us decide that those things we hear are awkward in the first place? Ah, lot’s of deep-meta thinking here, with no real answers in sight. Ah, it’s a Monday. Bleh. 8’oclock classes.
I know personally, a lot of the guidance in choices I make from day to day comes from the music I listen to. The lyrics, the crescendos in volume, the loopy choruses that fill a lot of the music I listen to, and the nice raspy harmonies that compliment the main singing quite nicely; all of that reflects how I act on a day to day basis. Sure, it’s not the only thing, of course. A lot of my actions also stem from copying what I deem to be “successful” traits I find in another person or influence, or from nature (the best teacher there is!). By listening to what I call “good” music, I tend to have a better outlook on life, as opposed to when I listen to “angry” music or music with unsettling lyrics, which usually puts me in a darker mood. Perhaps I’m more susceptible to the subtler influences of music, and perhaps that’s because I listen to so gosh darn much of it, but I have this deep feeling that everyone is affected by what music they listen to. We all tend to listen to our favorite music a lot, thus memorizing the lyrics and usually the tone by which the artist sings it. We get a nice feel for what emotion the artist is trying to create, and then we absorb that feeling and let it color what we see in our everday waking lives. Our favorite music becomes our personal gospel temporarily, what with our habit towards memorizing and chanting lyrics and taking the lessons we’ve learned from the music. Perhaps we just listen to music that reflects how we feel a lot of the time, but I like to think that it works the other way around and that music listens to us. But then that would probably mean we’re in Mother Russia or something, cause, as we all know, everything happens backwards there.
So, listen to this music, absorb it’s wholesome goodness and let the playlist play you.

To download files, click the song title with your middle mouse button to go to the MP3 hosting site, then follow directions to download. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezie. If for some odd reason, you don’t have a middle mouse button and you find yourself quite perplexed, just right click the song titles and click the option that says “Open Link in New Tab/Window”. Also, welcome to the internet.

Animal CollectiveChores
Devandra Banhart- Baby
Crystal Castles- Knights
Bloc Party- One More Chance
Dr. Dog- The Old Days
Passion PitI’ve Got Your Number
Menomena- Running
Kings Of Convience- Boat Behind
Iron & Wine- Naked As We Come
High Places- The Storm
Animal Collective- Winter’s Love
The Beatles- Mother Nature’s Son

Happy Fun Time Monday Bonus MP3!!!

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